TEI System (Integral Thermo-stimulation)

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TEI System (Integral Thermo-stimulation) Body Line Ross TEI System (Integral Thermo-stimulation) Body Line Ross TEI System (Integral Thermo-stimulation) Body Line Ross

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TEI System

Integral thermo-stimulation

Infrared band and variable current equipment for joint heat and muscle stimulation treatment. RÖS’S pioneered the development of thermo-stimulation and its team of engineers, in collaboration with beauty professionals, has designed the most sophisticated application bands to provide customers with the best possible results and maximum safety. The thermo-stimulation band is the key to TEI treatment. Its laminar circuit provides uniform infrared emission and its flexible cover adapts to the body to ensure full contact. The results are evident.

REF. 0080000

How does TEI System work?

Two basic professional beauty-treatment agents, HEAT and STIMULATION, are the key factors in TEI System. Thanks to deep infrared heat, the adipose cells in fat tissue are heated, aiding their liquefaction by electric current. The controlled emission of heat combined with different types of electric current guarantee the results.
The benefits of thermo-stimulation have been medically proven by Dr Juan Ramón Zaragoza.


Tei System

Integral thermo-stimulation
  • I Soft cellulite
  • I Hard cellulite
  • I Oedematous cellulite
  • I Firming
  • I Intense firming
  • I Post-pregnancy
  • I Excess weight
  • I Localised excess weight
  • I Circulatory
  • I Draining
  • I Reduction
  • I Sculpting
  • I Toning
  • I Relaxation
  • I TENS
  • I Lipolytic
  • I Passive gymnastics
  • I Calming passive gymnastics
  • I Sequential boosting
  • I Lipo-Draining
  • I Upper trunk