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Advanced technology and functional design. Three techniques in a single treatment.

The system incorporates three synergistic applications of vacuum Bipolar radio frequency therapy and phototherapy, with indications in body and facial
rejuvenation and body contouring treatments.

Three applicators ergonomic and functional.
Facial applicator
Applicator eye contour
Body applicator

Bipolar radiofrequency and selectable frequency between 1 and 2'6 Mhz according to the required depth in each treatment, vacuum therapy and phototherapy
610 nm. Intuitive touch screen and graphical selection of modifiable parameters even during treatment.

An economical and versatile alternative in facial and body treatments with multiple applications in rejuvenation and remodelling.

Selection of frequency between 1 and 2'6 Mhz, Vacum and phototherapy.

It includes two facial applicators and applicator body.

Individual selection of frequency and Vacum even during treatment.



Economic effective affordable and secure are the main features of the VL-RF system.
VL-RF is a comfortable and versatile easy application application system and intuitive application selections in remodeling and body rejuvenation
treatments - facial using Bipolar radiofrequency Vacum and phototherapy in
three modes of application to a frequency 2'5 Mhz and 250 W of power.


The system incorporates a synergistic triple application by phototherapy and Bipolar radiofrequency Vacum therapy in a same applicator, offering professional a multidisciplinary tool on concepts of global rejuvenation and remodelling facial and body treatments.


In its application the Vacum system enters treatment applicator tissue thus decreasing the resistance and impedance to the passage of the emission by radiofrequency increasing its penetration ability in the treated tissue.

Greater cellular oxygenation increased, exchange of fluids between nutrients, stimulation of the fibroblast to increase collagen and elastin regeneration, mesh recontraccion dermal trabecular and its redensification effect
lipolytic and drainage are physiological effects of treatment using the VL-RF system.


Versatility, functionality, efficiency, safety.

A team of versatile and easy operation, safe and effective in all kinds of facial and body treatments with indications on:

Body contouring, drainage, firming, sagging, wrinkles, stretch marks, lipotropic of adipose tissue, cellulite, cellulite treatment, increase the skin relief, improvement in skin texture, improve local circulation, stimulation and collagen regeneration.





One of the novelties of the system is its type of Bipolar electrode without metal composition increased security during treatment and your comfort while maintaining its conductivity at the same time avoiding the risks of burns
and skin lesions.


Eye Contour





Ergonomics, functionality, reliability, results, without maintenance, cost-effective. They are the main arguments of VR-RF.

Intuitive touch screen
Selection of vacum and frequency including during treatment
Exchangeable applicators direct connection in-out system.
Ergonomic and lightweight easy sliding platform.
Light and ergonomic treatments applicators.
Deposit of impurities for easy functionality and maintenance.
New system of Bipolar electrodes without metallic component.


Technical parameters

Input:AC110V/60Hz  AC:220V/50Hz
Output RF: 2.6MHz